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Telecom Power System 48V 500AH With Telecom Cabinet

Telecommunications Backup Battery 48V 500Ah stationary Spec. of 48V 500ah lithium battery pack: Item Description: Dimensions 560*500*1600 With RS485 232 interface, which those battery modules can be parallel to get a higher capacity. off-grid solar system storage, Telecommunication/BTS/Central…

Product Details

Spec. of 48V 500ah lithium battery pack:

Basic Specification of 48V 500Ah Battery Pack
Nominal Capacity @ 0.2C 500Ah com port RS232, 485
Nominal Voltage 48V Working life ove 10 years
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 40V Cell Type LFP 3.2v
Charge Cut-off Voltage 54V Dimensions(mm) 560*500*1600
Charge Current 250A Weight (including case) 350 kg
Continuous Discharge Current 500A Charge Temperature Range 0°C~45°C
Peak Discharge (max. 10 sec. duration) 800A Discharge Temperature Range -20°C~60°C
Cycle Life (1C/1C 100% DOD) 4000 cycles Charge Method CC/CV

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Item Description: Dimensions 560*500*1600
With RS485 232 interface,which those battery modules can be parallel to get a higher capacity. off-grid solar system storage, Telecommunication/BTS/Central data center/Power station/UPS

We are leading manufacturer if pioneer of  lithium battery systems in China. Our smart batteries can display & monitor the batteries status and thus enable the devices to conserve and use power intelligently with a patented built-in battery management system (BMS) via blue-tooth or other communications through APP or on screen.

We are strong in R&D and manufacturing of smart battery systems, widely used in fields such as E-mobility (e-bike, e-scooter, e-skateboard, e-motorcycle, e-tricycle/rickshaw, e-wheelchair, e-golf cart, e-forklift, e-tourist vehicle, RV/caravan, marine, etc.), Energy Storage Systems(solar/wind system, telecom/base station, uninterruptible power supply/UPS/ backup system) and engine starter batteries.

LINKAGE batteries can readily replace the outdated, bulky and pollutant Lead-Acid / AGM/ GEL/SLA batteries with the latest smart lithium battery technology.
telecom power system 48v 500ah with telecom cabinet 3BMS Feature
ASIC chip, high precision acquisition, automotive grade material, Lightning Surge Immunity Test, redundancy design, high temperature aging, electron- static discharge, EMC, current balancing technology, maintenance-free battery system, The water detection, smoke detection, collision warning system actively.

Temp. Balance & Bonding
Aluminum wire bonding process with bus-bar design, triaxial vibration design, waterproof and dustproof design, structure lightweight design technology, which solved the core issue of power battery, improving the safety, reliability and stability. At the same time, the problem of BATTERY heating, heat dissipation was managed by temperature equalization technology ,which improve the battery performance and life span. PLB continue to optimize the battery pack design, so as to ensure the safety of product.

– – Lithium Batteries Application- –
1. Vehicles: Electric bicycle, golf car, electric wheelchair, electric scooter
2. Illuminate devices: Solar battery, miner lamp, solar street lamp, emergency light, electric torch, wind and solar system
3. Communication: Back-up electric supply, interphone
4. Power tools: Electric cropper, electric drill, electric saw, electric hammer, pump
5. Others: RC toy, small home appliance.

– – Service by us- –
1. Give you the specific battery pack within 24hours according to your requirements.
2. Professional: Professional technicians offer overall systematic service.
3. One-stop battery solution with battery cells, BMS, case and matching charger.
4. Beyond customer demand: To think more for customer, do better for customer and make customer more satisfied.
5. MOQ: 1 unit is ok for your first battery pack to be tested.
6. Warranty: 2years
7. Our solutions:

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LINKAGE’s energy storage wall ESS uses the latest HESS battery system. With rich experience and advanced technology, the products have the characteristics of stylish design, high energy, high power density, long service life, convenient installation and expansion, etc., which reflect the real needs of end users and the strongest technical capabilities of our company.

It is an environmentally friendly backup power system. We use phosphate instead of cobalt to avoid environmental problems, reduce the possibility of thermal runaway due to improper disposal, and save production costs. Compared with other products currently on the market, this type of product has a lower capacity loss rate. With the most advanced power conversion and energy storage technology, our energy storage system (ESS) can provide efficient power regulation capabilities for demand management, power dispatch, and renewable energy smoothing. Residential, commercial and utility applications. Our lithium-ion battery product portfolio covers batteries, 48V modules, cabinets (indoor/outdoor) and containers,

1. High integration and small installation space.
2. Long life cycle, >6000 times at 80% DOD.
3. It does not contain heavy metals and is environmentally friendly.
4. Maintenance-free, no memory effect.
5. Full internal BMS protection, high voltage protection, higher reliability.

The full battery is guaranteed for 10 years, and the life span of less than 80% DOD is guaranteed for 20 years.

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