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Marine Batteries 48V 450Ah 26kWh Battery E Boat

Customized 12V 24V 36V 48V 50-200Ah E boat battery Features Widely used for many applications ,such as scooters ,AGV ,marine etc. Multifunctional BMS with full protection No memory effect, low self-discharge rate; Environment-friendly; Super long cycle life up to 1000 time of 100%DOD Prolonged…

Product Details
Wholesale Price Li ion Battery 100V 300Ah Lithium ion Battery with Deep Cycle Life
Item Specification Note
Nominal Voltage 57.6V Any voltage can be customized
Nominal Capacity 450Ah Any capacity can be customized
Discharge Cut-Off 45V
Charge Cut-Off 67.2V
Charge Current 100A Free customization service
Cont. Discharge 300A Free customization service
Peak Discharge  400A Free customization service
Impedance ≤200mΩ
Charge Temperature 0℃- 45℃
Discharge Temperature -20℃ – 60℃
Charge Method CC/CV
Life Cycle  2000+ 80% DOD, Max. 95% DOD
Dimension Any dimension can be customized
Weight 220KG

1.1Battery pack system structure
Our lithium batteries are about one-third the weight of the lead-acid batteries. Which save weight for the boat and let it faster,as tested on E boats. In addition, a significant amount of space is also saved, allowing for more storage room.
Our lithium batteries are maintenance free with a long cycle life. Replacement batteries will not be necessary for another five or ten years. Our battery system can be connected to solar panels, providing extra power.

We provide customized services for electric boat batteries:
1. High-rate discharge application: suitable for electric boats with large current discharge and large power requirements;
2. Low-temperature discharge application: suitable for electric boats working in low-temperature environments;
3. Conventional discharge application: suitable for electric boats with conventional discharge requirements;

marine batteries 48v 450ah 26kwh battery e boat 4

Features of our electric boat battery:
1. High energy density to volume ratio;
2. With 3~5 times fast charging;
3. Violent discharge can provide strong power;
4. Excellent explosion-proof performance;
5. Excellent cycle life;

What kind of strength do we have:
Advanced and highly automated battery production equipment; Professional battery R&D and design engineer team; Capable of integrated services from battery cell customization + bms design + structural design + battery pack; Complete battery product certification qualifications; Won more than 200 national technology patents And 11 international patents; More than 200 professional technical engineers and more than 3,000 skilled workers; Possess wireless charging module development and charging management module (DC-DC) development capabilities;

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Why choose our E boat battery?
Lithium iron phosphate battery for electric boat:
1. Low-temperature lithium iron phosphate battery: the operating temperature range is -50°C to 50°C, and it can be charged at -20°C;
Discharge capacity at 0.2C at -20°C exceeds 85% of the initial capacity;
70% at -30℃;
The discharge capacity at -40℃ is about 55% of the initial capacity;

2. High-rate lithium iron phosphate battery: supports stable high-current discharge, multiples of 1C~25C, and supports higher-rate discharge requirements customization;

3. The battery size is flexible, and the size and shape can be designed and customized according to customer needs;
4. High safety performance, passed UL/CE/UN certification;
Because the actual application functions of electric boats will be different, the performance requirements of the lithium iron phosphate batteries that need to be configured are also different. We will do our best to provide you with high-quality battery products and services that meet the application requirements.

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Battery cells:

All from ATL BYD Panasonics,SAMSUNG,LG,SONY grade A standard.



Battery standard:

All parts are with Industrial IP67, anti rust,ocean application.

factory strength 1

factory strength 2

factory strength 3

factory strength 4

factory strength 5