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Li-ion Marine Battery 96V 300Ah

Customized 12V 24V 36V 48V 50-200Ah E boat battery Features Widely used for many applications ,such as scooters ,AGV ,marine etc. Multifunctional BMS with full protection No memory effect, low self-discharge rate; Environment-friendly; Super long cycle life up to 1000 time of 100%DOD Prolonged…

Product Details

Our Marine lithium batteries have several advantages: Compared with other types of batteries, lithium-ion marine batteries can store more energy in a smaller space. With its high energy density, lithium-ion marine batteries are smaller and lighter than other marine battery types. This can make it a good choice for small boats or speedboats.

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Compared with other types of batteries, lithium-ion marine batteries can be charged quickly and have a longer service life. It also loses relatively little energy when idle. In one month, an unused lithium-ion marine battery can only release about 1.5% of its energy. Compare this to a nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery, which loses approximately 20% of its energy per month when it is not in use.

LINKAGE MARINE BATTERY is equipped with the most cutting-edge marine lithium batteries, such as high-power, low-maintenance RE LiON lithium-ion batteries and integrated battery-balanced batteries
There is even a Bluetooth app to monitor battery temperature and battery voltage!

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The helpful staff of e Marine Systems are well versed in all the functions and advantages of the lithium-ion marine batteries we carry. We can help you choose a lithium-ion marine battery with the appropriate voltage and ampere-hours to reliably power your boats, equipment and appliances.
We have been providing the best quality marine lithium batteries for boating enthusiasts. It also provides a complete product line of chargers, motors,E-outboard, power inverters, alternators and electric drives. We provide LED and other lighting equipment, water heaters, refrigeration equipment, as well as a variety of meters, meters and other power accessories.

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Battery cells:

All from ATL BYD Panasonics,SAMSUNG,LG,SONY grade A standard.



Battery standard:

All parts are with Industrial IP67, anti rust,ocean application.

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