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HaiLong 36V 17Ah Battery For E Bike

HiLong E-Bike Battery with SAMSUNG Cells

Product Details


1.High Energy Density.
2. High Output Voltage.
3. Excellent Security.
4. Long Cycle Life: More than 500 repeated charge/discharge cycles.
5. Fast Charge Capacity: Can be fully charged in 2 to 3 hours with a rated voltage of 4.2 pe

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The 48V 10Ah electric vehicle battery is a combination of 52 18650 battery cells 13S4P. The battery cells guarantee 100% full capacity, high quality and reliable quality. All battery shells are protected by PCM, which can protect the battery cells from normal use.


Electric bicycles, mountain electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric children’s bicycles

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Product Description:

— Rated voltage: 48V
— Discharge termination voltage: 35.75V
— Rated capacity: 10Ah
— Maximum charging voltage: 54.6VDC
— Charging mode: CC-CV
— Standard charging current: 2.0A
— Instant charging current: 4.0A
— Maximum discharge current: 20.0A
— Net weight: ≤4.0kg
— Battery size: 360*90*110mm
— Supporting charger input voltage: 100-240VAC, output voltage: 54.6VDC, charging current: 5.0A

Additional function:We can add the Bluetooth BMS on the battery,which you can check the battery SOC from it.

Precautions :

1. Please do not put the battery in water or close to the water source
2. Please do not put the battery close to the fire source
3. Please use the charger
4. Please connect the positive and negative poles correctly
5. Please do not connect the battery directly to the wall socket or electronic cigarettes and other products
6. Please do not put the battery near the heat source
7. Please do not connect metal materials between the positive and negative poles of the battery to prevent short circuit.

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