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LIPO Drone Battery 23S 25C 64Ah For Quadcopter

Origin: Shenzhen China
Rated Capacity: 64Ah
Standard Voltage: 87.4V
Charge Current: 40A
Size: 91*215*340(mm)
Application: 100kg 200kg 300kg multi-axis large electric hybrid UAV battery,76-85V 20AH 30AH 40 AH 45AH

Product Details

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LINKAGE is a professional drone battery brand, which is suitable for the drone industry and can be widely used in film and television aerial photography, agricultural plant protection, address survey, forest fire prevention, flood fighting, environmental monitoring and other fields, bringing a difference to the majority of drone users Flight experience, creating a global professional drone battery brand.

The linkage battery has superb matching technology, safe and stable raw material formula, stable and gentle discharge curve, scientific and rigorous control system, sufficient capacity, sufficient rate, safety and stability, long battery life, good cycle times, not easy to swell, and reputation. Industry leader. The integrated high-performance, low-power MCU can accurately sample the cell voltage, and conduct mature and intelligent self-discharge and balance management on it, effectively extending battery storage, service life, and avoiding battery swelling. One button can realize all functions, easy to use.

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LINKAGE battery high voltage series rely on superb cell technology and battery production technology, with strong quality assurance. The high-pressure series is in terms of energy density, battery life, and cycle performance. The discharge rate has been greatly improved, and the cost performance is higher.

Of course, the battery performance of drones also has levels, mainly depending on the requirements of the use of drones, such as drones, helicopters or other aircraft used for competitions. Most of them are high-performance and high-quality drones. Human-machine batteries are used for normal training or do not require very high battery discharge performance. Most of them use batteries with relatively good cost performance.

It is not possible to generalize before and after the ranking of drone battery brands, because drone battery brands have many types of battery attributes. Under different uses, the advantages of drone battery brands will be different. For man-machine batteries and training drone batteries, the performance of these two batteries is different. The battery performance of racing games is much better than that of training batteries, so you usually buy drone batteries. You will see batteries of the same capacity and size, but the prices are expensive and cheap.

lipo drone battery 23s 25c 64ah for quadcopter 3

Therefore, when purchasing a drone battery, it is recommended to measure it according to the actual needs of your drone application, and choose the right drone battery. After all, the drone battery is a consumable item, and it is required every once in a while. What is replaced is a continuous consumption expenditure.

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