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Handheld Digital Battery Tester 1-24S

This product is a hand-held test instrument specially designed for detecting the voltage, internal resistance and wiring harness of the battery cells. It has high detection accuracy, intelligent detection of wiring harness sequence, and multiple functions such as sound and light alarms. It can detect up to 24 battery combinations. Internal large-capacity battery power supply, with automatic shutdown function, low power consumption standby, can ensure long-term work. The charging port is a commonly used TYPE-C interface, which is convenient for Multi-function test instrument/Battery Doctor

Product Details

Model: E-HFC-01

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1.Product Specifications
Working environment temperature: -20℃-60℃
Environmental relative humidity: 65±20%RH
Battery capacity: 5000mAh
Support the number of battery strings: 1–24S can be set by yourself
Voltage measurement accuracy: ±0.5%
Internal resistance measurement accuracy: ±0.5%
Charging voltage: 5V
Dimensions: 135*70mm

2.Wiring method
The detection port of this product is suitable for connecting
the battery pack with a collection line port spacing of 2.0.
When connecting, the negative pole of the battery pack is
aligned with 0B-, as shown in the above figure.

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3.Button function
Press the power button once to turn on
Press the power button twice during startup,Shut down
The blue light is always on and the power is sufficient
The blue light flashes and the battery is insufficient
The red light flashes during charging
The red light is always on when full

The internal resistance tester adopts the AC discharge test method developed by the company, which can accurately measure the battery terminal voltage and internal resistance value and estimate the capacity, and use this to judge the quality of the battery, the quality of the technical status and the estimated life. Customers can choose two operation modes: key operation and LCD touch according to their own conditions. It can measure the battery in groups or in a single cell.

It can measure the voltage, internal resistance and capacity of the single battery offline and online.
Color LCD touch and button two operation modes, Chinese and English dual language.
It can analyze data tables, bar graphs, and battery trend graphs including voltage, internal resistance, capacity, and battery status.
Perform data analysis and management according to the computer room/site name, battery pack name, manufacturer, and installation date.

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