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48V 20HP Fast Speed Outboard Electric Trolling Engine

Boating with Outboards is Fun, Pleasant, Easy for EVERYBODY!

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The Reasons Why You Choose Electric Outboard

Boating with Electric Outboard is Fun, Pleasant, Easy for EVERYBODY!
Use . Clean . Quiet . Light . Efficient . Safe . Reliable . Affordable

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A growing number of boat owners favour electric propulsion to power their recreational boats, dinghy, kayakers, tender boats, fishing boats, catamaran, pontoons and cruisers. Electric propulsion outboard makes boating experience very fun and pleasant thanks to the ease of use, absence of engine noise, gas fumes and vibrations, and the bilge stays nice and clean with no oil or grease fouling the timber. With 90% fewer moving parts there is little that can wear out or break down, making electric motors a reliable and viable option for small boats. EZ Outboards are Pure Electric Propulsion, focused on 20hp or lower power ranges which require less battery capacity and more affordable for boat


Q: How Far / How Long can i drive with this motor?
A: It depends on the battery you will use, and the design of your boat. So you must test it by yourself.

Q: What is the speed can it drive ?
A: It depends on the design of your boat. We tested it with 4.5m boat and can reach 15KMH.

Q: Can you ship the good to my country ?
A: Yes, we can ship the Samples by Express(DHL, FedEX and so on) to your door.
For big orders, we ship by sea to your sea port.

Q: What is the delivery time ?
A: For samples orders, it will take 1-2 weeks to ship your order. For bulk order, it will take 3-4 weeks to ship it.

Q: What is the shipping time ?
A: Delivery by Express will take 3-5 working days to reach your door. Delivery by sea will take 15-35 days to reach your port.

Q: What is the payment method ?
A: We accept Paypal, TT(Bank Transfer), Western Union, L/C…

Q: How can i make the order ?
A: You can make the order online through alibaba. You can also contact our sales to order it. Our sales will offer you the invoice and after-sale service.

Q: How can i distribute your Outboards ?
A: You need to make an initial order of 10000 USD and collect 5 pcs  outboards at least to become our official distributor. And we will make a distributor agreement with you.

Q: Do you offer warranty ?
A: Yes, we will offer 18 months warranty for our outboards.

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Hot Tags: 48v 20hp fast speed outboard electric trolling engine, China, suppliers, manufacturers, factory owners. Our electric propulsion outboards are uniquely designed and engineered for the highest energy efficiency, maximum safety and virtually Maintenance Free. from 2.8KW -10KW,it can be very easily to be installed in your boat. Also with our battery the entire power system will work very well. And this is the most cost effective outboard for you.

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All products have been upgraded and replaced with British MOGEN carbon brushes, circuit breaker relays, and no burn switches. Coupled with the one-piece ultra-high temperature resistant carbon brush holder, with our enlarged and thick all-copper core, the power is increased, the speed is faster, the heat dissipation is more efficient, and the life span is doubled than that of ordinary electric propellers.

This machine is a very one of our machines. It is newly designed. It has powerful power, fast speed and low power consumption. It is suitable for larger boats. It can be used infinitely variable and can go when you refuel. It ignores the old-fashioned shift Bit, easy to burn the switch, or easy to damage the machine defects of gears.

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