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Electric Snowmobile Battery 72V-40 Degrees

Product Parameters 72V 100ah Storage Lithium LiFePO4 Battery Pack with BMS for Electric Car of Features Powerful energy :as the high voltage and light weight ,Motors acceleration speed performance are very good Energy density per volume are higher Stable BMS system with short-circuit protection…

Product Details

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Product Parameters

Working Voltage Nominal 72 V
Range 87.6 V —- V
Nominal Capacity 120Ah
Battery Power 25°C 8,640 Wh (100% DOD @ 0.5C rate)
– 10°C 7600 Wh (100% DOD @ 0.5C rate)
Operation Temperature Range – 40°C — 50°C
Continuous Charge Current 20A TBD
Max Charge Current 30A TBD
Continuous Discharge Current 50A TBD
Max Continuous Discharge Current 100 A TBD
Peak Discharge Current 150A(last 3s) TBD
Storage Temperature Range -40~35℃
Weight ≤45KG
Self-discharge 30 days ≤5% in 25℃
Cycle Life More than 1000 times(0.5C charge and discharge,Temperature:20±5℃,Higher than 80% of the Initial Capacity of the battery pack
Recycling Life 3000 times

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Battery Pack and Battery cells
1.The battery cells we will only use the BOSTON Swing cells which mainly using in Low temperature area like the North European in winter time -40 degrees
2.We use the very good quality BMS for the batteries,with good fuse,to make sure that the failure of the compnents rate is very very low.
3.The battery configuration nobody has the same like ours,they are so reliable ans strong,if any falling down,vibration,moving,the battery block is not affected at all. And the battery holders and Jacket is with special material,EV battery also use this,to anti flamming even the fire happen.
4.We use the high quality metal battery case,but not ABS like the 6T batteries, so they are much stronger and good for heat releasing.
5. Our pricing will be so good for you,you will benefit from us,because we only give you citizen standard price,but with high quality MILITARY

Additional function: We can add the Bluetooth BMS on the battery,which you can check the battery SOC from it.

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factory strength 1

factory strength 2

factory strength 3

factory strength 4

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