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48V 50Ah For E Boat AGV

E boat Battery with CAN BUS 2.0T Protocols

Product Details


Cell model: 0150651500/3.2V/10Ah
Battery specifications: 15S5P/48V/50Ah
Nominal voltage: 48V
Nominal capacity: 50Ah
Charging voltage: 54.75V
Charging current: ≤15A
Discharge current: 100A
Instant discharge current: 150A
Discharge cut-off voltage: 30V
Internal resistance of finished product: ≤100mΩ
Battery weight: 30Kg
Product size: 420*300*170mm (Max)
Charging temperature: 0~45℃
Discharge temperature: -20~60℃
Storage temperature: -20~35℃
Temperature protection: 70℃±5℃
Battery shell: sheet metal shell
Communication management: CAN
Lithium battery protection: short circuit protection, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, balance, etc.
Application field: E Boat, AGV car

The LINKAGE lithium battery series covers the global lithium battery application of electric forklifts. It can be customized according to customer needs. It has high charging efficiency, high energy consumption utilization, long life, zero pollution and zero emissions, high safety, and is suitable for high and low temperature environment applications. , Daily maintenance-free, maintenance-free, and can be used with charging.

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+ Modularity : Compatible with multiple models; reduce design and development costs
+ Smart battery: real-time monitoring of the health status of any module in the battery pack to facilitate future design optimization and battery maintenance
+ Echelon utilization: hardware and software design considers the convenience of echelon utilization, which is convenient for investment in the field of echelon applications.

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Battery cells:

Battery cells are from BYD,ATL,PANASONICS,SAMSUNG or Independent research and development, using lithium iron phosphate material system, good safety, high consistency, 1C charge and discharge cycles not less than 4000 times, 30C high rate discharge performance; no fire, no explosion.

Built-in BMS, multiple protection and communication functions to ensure reliable performance of the battery pack and realize 7*24h real-time online monitoring.
Standard modular design, easy and quick installation.
Multiple modules are composed in parallel; 4-level safety protection (battery unit level, module level, module level, system level) to ensure the safety and reliability of the system. Intelligent cloud management system, real-time monitoring, problem warning, reduce operation and maintenance costs.

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