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72V 150AH RV Battery

Customized Subsea Battery 110V 80Ah

Product Details

Underwater robot/underwater survey boat battery parameters:
Product Name: LKG-120V-80AH Power Lithium Battery Pack
Battery nominal voltage: 120V
Battery specification/model: LKG-120V-80AH Nominal capacity (0.2C5A): 80Ah
Continuous operating current: ≤60A
Pulse discharge current: ≤180A
Standard charge current: ≤30A
Charging current: 60A
Battery operating voltage range: 134.4V-96.0V
Charging protection cut-off voltage: 134.4V
Discharge protection cut-off voltage: 96.0V
Charge and discharge ports: charge and discharge with the mouth of the mouth, 4 lines, 10 square lines, red, black, with 120A Anderson plug.
Communication function: CAN bus/RS485 communication port
Battery size (mm): high 200* wide 420*long 1300
Internal resistance of finished product (mΩ): ≤120mΩ
Battery weight (kg): about 95kg
Charging temperature (°C): 0°C~45°C
Discharge temperature (°C): -20°C~60°C
Storage temperature (°C): -20°C~45°C
Battery life: more than 1200 cycles
Battery Warranty: 12 months
Maximum output power (W): 8000W
Shell material: sheet metal paint (black)

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High power underwater Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries (Li-Ion Power Packs™) have proven themselves as suitable offshore power supply systems on many occasions. This type of Li-Ion cells is used in aircrafts, space vehicles as well as naval applications. The sophisticated battery management system (Smart BMS) guarantees highest performance without any risks, allowing the use of high-power Li-Ion systems in offshore and other rough environments.

High safety: multiple independent system monitors. Handy blocks of low energy, low weights and low voltages
High reliability: optional redundant design with at least 50% capacity in all circumstances
Minimum costs: long operating life, short charging cycles
Simple handling: only 2 buttons to control the charging unit. Charging without opening the battery, simply underwater
Easy maintenance: little time and costs
Highest rated power: Very high capacities with optimized weight and size lead to significantly expanded operating times

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High-power up to 10kW
High-energy up to 100kWh
Voltage range 14,4V up to 550V
Currents up to ~100A
Long life up to 25 years
Battery divided into portable blocks, approx. 30kg each, low voltage
Integrated Smart BMS™ controller
Data interface is RS-232 or RS-485, galvanic de-coupled
Simple installation and operation
Design, capacity and mechanical customization for your project

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ISO 13628-6 or API17F,N for subsea systems
MIL-STD 810G or GL VI for industrial applications
ESD tests according to MIL-STD, DIN-EN, GL
Production according e.g. IPC-A-600/610 class 3

The underwater environment is harsh and dangerous, and the depth of human diving is limited, so underwater robots have become an important tool for developing the ocean. What are the characteristics of the underwater robot battery as an energy supply? Who are the manufacturers of underwater robot batteries?

Underwater robots, also known as unmanned remotely controlled submersibles, are a kind of extreme work robots that work underwater. The underwater environment is harsh and dangerous, and the depth of human diving is limited, so underwater robots have become an important tool for developing the ocean. What are the characteristics of underwater robot batteries as energy supply?

Characteristics of underwater robot battery:
safety. Robots that work underwater are generally very expensive, so the battery of the corresponding underwater robots needs to be safe. Otherwise, when you work underwater, you suddenly have an explosion. Who can stand it? Therefore, underwater robots need to have a high degree of safety.
Low temperature. The working depth of underwater robots is generally relatively deep, which has a problem: as the depth deepens, the underwater temperature is also constantly falling. Most of the batteries on the market do not have low temperature characteristics, which requires special low temperature batteries to match.

under water robot
At this time, someone may ask: Should this special battery be customized by a corresponding manufacturer? The answer is yes, unless it is a popular device battery model on the market. But in general, these devices are relatively rare, so most of them have to be customized. So did the underwater robot battery manufacturers introduce it? The answer is yes.

Low temperature battery manufacturer
Underwater robot battery manufacturer
LINKAGE Battery Co., Ltd. is the first batch of enterprises to enter the battery industry in China. Through more than 20 years of development, it has 4 factories, 3000+ employees, nearly 200 design and research engineers, and nearly 200 technical patents. In terms of low-temperature batteries, low-temperature lithium iron phosphate batteries and low-temperature lithium polymer batteries have been developed. The lowest operating temperature can reach minus 50 degrees and the lowest thickness can reach 0.8mm. At the same time, LINKAGE is also a high-tech enterprise with core battery technology. More than 20 years of battery safety experience.

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