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Bts Telecom Battery 48V 420AH

Custom wind turbine storage battery 48V 420Ah

Product Details

Application: wind turbine storage, solar storage
Wide Range Temperature Adaptability
Long Life Cycles – 1C more than 10000 times
High Power Output
Environment Friendly

Size Custom
Nominal voltage 51.2V
Nominal capacity 420
Max charge current 0.4C
Max discharge current 1C
Discharge cut-off voltage 40V,  the over-discharge detection voltage of  PCM
Operating environment Charging, 0°C ~ 65°C ;  65±20%RH
Discharging, -20°C~80°C ;  65±20%RH
Storage environment -20°C~45°
storage for a long time(>3 months) and the storage condition shall be:<35°C;65±20%RH;3.7~3.9V
CycleLife(80%Prime Capacity) : >1000times
warranty Period of warranty: 12 months after sales
Identification With protection board PCM for over charging, over discharging, short circut,over voltage.
*Using the charger designated by the manufacture(AEC).
*Don’t throw the battery in fire or heat it.
*Don’t short-circuit.
*Don’t unpack the battery or change its structure.
Pack design * Battery pack should have sufficient strength and battery should be protected from mechanical shock
* No cell movement in the battery pack should be allowed.
* No Sharp edge components should be inside the pack containing the battery.
Charging Charging current and charging voltage should be less than  specified in the Product Specification.
The charger shall be designed to comply with Product Specification.
It is dangerous that charging with higher curren or voltage than Product Specification may cause damage to the cell electrical,mechanical safety performance.

Application: wind turbine storage, solar storage
The self-developed BMS system integrates a remote cloud management system and an intelligent fire protection module with high reliability, good stability, long service life, and excellent safety performance.

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+ Four-level safety protection with high safety performance to ensure the safety and reliability of the system (cell level, module level, module level, system level)
+ Excellent high-rate discharge performance, maximum 10C discharge, discharge efficiency ≥ 95%
+ Full state management 100% battery cell management + functional device management
+ Long service life design life of 20 years
+ Long cycle life 1C charge and discharge ≥ 2500 times; 4C discharge / 0.5C charge ≥ 1000 times
+ Intelligent cloud management system predictive operation and maintenance support, cloud monitoring operation and maintenance, support for multi-role management
+ Intelligent fire control system (optional) built-in fire control system, 7*24 guarantee system and facility safety

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+ Suitable for UPS or other inverter devices of various brands
+ Data center
+ Financial institutions
+ Rail transit
+ Wind-solar complementary energy storage
+ Backup power in areas without mains power
Quality Trace ability System
Comprehensive and complete product quality trace-ability system to provide accurate data information for after-sales

Battery cells:

All from ATL BYD Panasonics,SAMSUNG,LG,SONY grade A standard.



factory strength 1

factory strength 2

factory strength 3

factory strength 4

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