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48V 20AH LiFePO4 Battery For Military Robot

Custom 48V 20ah LiFeO4 battery for military robot Specifications We use the best quality LIFeO4 battery cells to make the battery,with long cycle life ,safety and high performance. Battery with power display, can show voltage and capacity of battery pack . Passed abuse tests of…

Product Details


No. Items Specifications
1 Nominal Voltage 51.2V
2 Nominal Capacity 19.8Ah
3 Cell Inside 3.2V 3300mAh
4 Configuration 16S6P
5 Standard Charge Current  10A
6 Max. Charge Current  20A
7 Battery management System (BMS) Military standard BMS
8 Continuous Discharge Current 20A
9 Peak Discharge Current 60A
10 Full Charged Voltage 58.4V   (3.65V per cell)
11 Charge Cut-off Voltage 62.4V   (3.9V per cell)
12 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 32V    (2.0V per cell)
13 Net Weight 11kg
14 Dimensions 298x189x112mm (with 30A constant BMS built in)
15 Operating Temperature Charging:  0°C ~ 45°C

Discharging: -20°C ~ 55°C

16 Storage Temperature  (Recommended to store 20 ± 5°C for long term   storage)
17 Cycle Life 3000 times (80% of initial capacity at 0.2C rate, IEC   Standard)

We use the best quality LIFeO4 battery cells to make the battery,with long cycle life ,safety and high performance. Battery with power display, can show voltage and capacity of battery pack . Passed abuse tests of over-charge/discharge test, high-low temperature test, impact test and puncture test; With good safety performance, without problems of short-circuit, leakage, inflammation and explosion;

Special robots, used in professional fields, are generally operated or used by specially trained personnel to assist and/or replace humans in performing tasks. Refers to robots other than industrial robots, public service robots and personal service robots. Generally refers to professional service robots. So what are the special robots?

48v 20ah lifepo4 battery for military robot 2

What are the special robots?
There are generally 4 types of special robots, which are divided according to industry, use space, movement mode, and function.

According to the main industries applied, special robots can be divided into: agricultural robots, electric robots, construction robots, logistics robots, medical robots, nursing robots, rehabilitation robots, security and rescue robots, military robots, nuclear industrial robots, mining robots, and petroleum Chemical robots, municipal engineering robots and other industrial robots.

According to the space used by special robots (land, water, air, space), special robots can be divided into: ground robots, underground robots, surface robots, underwater robots, aerial robots, space robots and other robots.

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Special robot
According to the motion mode, it is divided into wheeled robots, crawler robots, legged robots, creeping robots, flying robots, submersible robots, stationary robots, jet robots, wearable robots, composite robots and other motion methods robot.

The functional classification of special robots is related to the industry. Common functions mainly include mining, installation, inspection, maintenance, repair, inspection, reconnaissance, explosion removal, search and rescue, transportation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, cleaning, etc.

What kind of batteries do special robots generally use?
Most of the special robots on the market now use batteries as power sources. But with so many battery types on the market, what kind of battery do special robots generally use? If you want to know what kind of battery a special robot generally uses, you need to know what characteristics the robot battery needs.

Special robots need batteries with high safety and stability, high energy density, and long battery life. There are indeed many on the market, but the most outstanding in these aspects is the lithium battery. Lithium batteries have the advantages of high energy density, good safety performance, long cycle life, strong endurance, safety and environmental protection.

48v 20ah lifepo4 battery for military robot 4

12V lithium iron phosphate battery
Lithium iron phosphate battery
Therefore, the battery generally used by special robots is lithium battery. For special robot manufacturers, finding a better lithium battery manufacturer for cooperation is a very important thing. So which lithium battery manufacturer is better?

Which manufacturer of special robot battery is better?
LINKAGE Co., Ltd. is a top 100 Shenzhen industrial enterprise integrating battery design, research and development, production and sales. At the same time, LINKAGE is also a national high-tech enterprise and a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen.

At present, Linkage has 2 factories (with a daily production capacity of 500,000Ah for lithium polymer batteries), covering an area of about 150,000 square meters and employing more than 300 people, including nearly 200 engineering R&D technicians. Currently, it has offices in Chenzhou, Zhejiang, Tianjin, and Xinjiang. There are branches in Germany and the United States.

The military battery custom manufacturer Grip Battery mainly produces soft pack lithium batteries, including soft pack lithium iron phosphate batteries and soft pack polymer lithium batteries, two types of lithium batteries for medical equipment. These two types of lithium batteries also include conventional batteries and low-temperature batteries. High-rate batteries, these types of batteries, can be customized services according to customers’ comprehensive actual needs for military and medical equipment lithium batteries.

LINKAGE currently has a series of batteries such as low-temperature batteries, high-rate batteries, high-voltage batteries, modular batteries, large-capacity batteries, fast-charge batteries, battery packs, and special-shaped batteries. The products involve many industries, and battery products have been unanimously recognized by customers and users inside and outside the industry. If you want to know more about linkage, please click on our website

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