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Li Ion Battery 48V 10AH 13S4P Electric Bike Battery Pack

Custom4 8V 10Ah 13S4P Electric Bike Battery Pack Description: Advantage: 1. High energy density 2. High working voltage for single battery cells 3. Pollution-free 4. Long cycle life 5. No memory effect 7. Safe and reliable 8. OEM/ODM is welcome customers benefit . – Lithium Batteries Features

Product Details


No. Items Specifications
1 Voltage 48.1V
2 Capacity 10.4Ah
3 Cell Samsung 18650 3.7V 2600mAh
4 Configuration 13S4P
5 Standard Charge Current 3A(0.2C)
6 Max. Charge Current 5A (1C)
7 Battery management System (BMS) Custom
8 Continuous Discharge Current 5A
9 Peak Discharge Current 10A
10 Full Charged Voltage 54.6V(4.2V per cell)
12 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 39V  (3.0V per cell)
13 Net Weight Around 2.9kg
14 Dimensions Can be customized
15 Connector Anderson connector or requested
16 Operating Temperature Charging:  0°C ~ 45°C

Discharging: -20°C ~ 55°C

17 Storage Temperature (Recommended to store 20 ± 5°C for long term   storage)
18 Cycle Life 600 times (80% of initial capacity at 0.2C rate, IEC   Standard)

1. High energy density
2. High working voltage for single battery cells
3. Pollution-free
4. Long cycle life
5. No memory effect
7. Safe and reliable
8. OEM/ODM is welcome
customers benefit .

li ion battery 48v 10ah 13s4p electric bike battery pack 2

– Lithium Batteries Features- –
1) Long cycle life: More than 2000 times (charge and discharge at 1C, 99% DOD).
2) High safety: No fire and explosion in overcharge test. The highest temperature <150° C.
3) Good charging and discharging performance.
(A)0.2C5A ≥ 100% (B)1C5A ≥ 99% ( C)2.5C5A ≥ 97%
4) High discharge rate up to 10C.
5) Environmental-friendly: All raw material of the batteries are environmental-friendly.
6) Wide working temperature range: -25° C to 60° C.

– – Lithium Batteries Application- –
1. Vehicles: Electric bicycle, golf car, electric wheelchair, electric scooter
2. Illuminate devices: Solar battery, miner lamp, solar street lamp, emergency light, electric torch, wind and solar system
3. Communication: Back-up electric supply, interphone
4. Power tools: Electric cropper, electric drill, electric saw, electric hammer, pump
5. Others: RC toy, small home appliance.

600+ cycles of charge and discharge cycles, durable
Maximum discharge power 1800W, strong power
Strong endurance on a single battery charge
BMS real-time monitoring, multiple intelligent protection

1: Long cruising range: The cruising range is 15% higher than similar batteries in the market;
2: Long service life: The service life is 8% longer than similar batteries in the market;
3: Environmental protection and cadmium-free: cadmium-free and environmentally friendly;

How to use the battery correctly
The battery is the power source of the electric bicycle, and it is also a kind of consumable, and the price is relatively high. Therefore, the battery can maintain a good working condition and extend its service life, which has a great use value.

The following are some maintenance methods for the battery:
1: The battery should be firmly installed on the electric bicycle to prevent the battery from being damaged by vibration when riding the bicycle.
2: Frequently remove dust and dirt on the battery cover, and pay attention to keeping the battery dry and clean to prevent the battery from discharging by itself.
3: Never leave the battery in a state of insufficient power for a long time, and develop a good habit of charging the battery every night.
4: When the electric bicycle is just started, use the pedal to help it to start, so as not to damage the battery due to excessive discharge current.
5: When riding a bicycle, be careful not to over-discharge the battery. Over-discharge can easily cause serious battery power loss, which greatly shortens its service life. Electric bicycles generally have undervoltage protection functions. When a light on the battery level indicator is on, the battery should be charged immediately to avoid over-discharge of the battery.

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