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Military Grade Battery 25.2V

Application:MilitarymanpackJammer,EODJammer,CONVOYJammer25.9V20.3AH/20.4AH/33.8Ah/36.4Ah/41.6Ah/46.4Ah Such battery pack for military Jammer use. Military communication use. can be customized as your request.

Product Details

Custom 25.2V 11.6Ah with Panasonic NCR18650PF cells for Military use

4.1 Min capacity 20.4Ah 0.2C Discharge


Nominal voltage 25.2V
Transportation voltage 26.2–29.0V
4.3 Charge current Standard Charge :5A
Rapid charge :10A
 4.4 Configuration 7S6P
 4.5 Charging time Standard Charging Approx 8 hours Rapid charge Approx 4 hours
4.6 Max. charge current ≤10A
4.7 Max. discharge current ≤30A
4.8 Standard Discharge Current ≤20A
4.9 Discharge protect voltage 19.6±0.05V
4.10 Charge protect Voltage 29.75±0.05V
4.11 Initial Impedance ≤160mW
4.12 Weight Approx:2.5kg
4.13 Operating temperature Charging : -20℃~ 60℃ Discharging  : -20℃~60℃



Storage temperature

-20℃~60℃ ≤1 month  

Battery capacity with 60%

-20℃~45℃ ≤3 month
-20℃~25℃ ≤1 year
4.15 Storage Humidity ≤75% RH
4.16 Appearance Without scratch, distortion, contamination and leakage
 4.17  Standard environmental condition Temperature : 23±5℃
Humidity :45-85%RH Atmospheric Pressure : 86-106 Kpa
4.18 Charger terminal voltage request 29.4V

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Military manpack Jammer, EOD Jammer, CONVOY Jammer
With the popularization of new energy, more and more fields are covered by new energy batteries, and the military battery market is also growing. The development of economic armaments promotes the growth of the military lithium battery market. With the growth of market share, military lithium batteries have been applied in the fields of aviation, aerospace, navigation, artificial satellites and military communication equipment and vehicles. The advancement of lithium battery technology will not only accelerate the development of 3C products, but also promote the defense industry. And the development of telecommunications technology. The military battery market is getting bigger and bigger, and the economic development of armaments promotes the growth of the military lithium battery market.

According to reports, the steady growth of the global military battery market has become increasingly important with the continuous adoption of advanced military equipment to increase armed strength. The upgrade and replacement of mission-critical military technologies requires high-level battery performance and accuracy. Although the United States is the largest contributor to market profits, emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions will provide battery manufacturers with the highest growth potential. China has abundant lithium resources and a complete lithium battery industry chain, as well as a huge reserve of basic talents, making mainland China the most attractive region in the world for the development of lithium battery and material industries, and has become the world’s largest lithium battery materials and battery production base.

The increasing demand for light-weight, high-energy-density batteries has been increasing in various countries with complex military equipment. After years of verification, these batteries have maintained continuous development and will be widely used in unmanned spacecraft, unmanned ground vehicles, individual portable equipment and submarines. However, the requirement for ultra-high quality battery standards increases the cost of battery production and therefore limits the number of qualified participants in this capital-intensive market.

Before the 1960s, the main application markets for lithium batteries in the United States were industrial and civilian applications. During the Cold War after the 1970s, due to the needs of the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, to strengthen the arms race situation, the main market for lithium batteries in the United States was military applications. Beginning in the early 1990s, as the arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union weakened, the application of lithium batteries in the United States began to gradually shift to the industrial and civilian fields.

Military equipment’s specific requirements for lithium batteries
High safety: During high-intensity impacts and blows, the battery must be safe and will not cause personal injury or death;
High reliability: to ensure that the battery is effective and reliable when in use;
High environmental adaptability: It is necessary to ensure that it can be used normally under different climatic conditions, high-intensity electromagnetic environment, high/low atmospheric pressure environment, high radioactive radiation environment and high salinity environment.

For the military, not only relying on small and thin commercial batteries as power, especially frontline troops, due to the limited means of transportation that can be used, they mainly rely on portable energy and batteries as power, so the level of energy density is also the combat capability of frontline troops. An important standard. Of course, as a military battery, the design requirements are different from that of civilian batteries. It is required to be able to be used in harsh environments below 0°C and higher than 50°C, and to provide logistics supplies as simply as possible.

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In the field of national defense and military, lithium batteries cover land (personal soldier systems, army combat vehicles, military communications equipment, robotic fighters), sea (submarines, underwater robots), air (fighters, unmanned reconnaissance aircraft), sky (satellites, Spacecraft) and many other arms. Lithium battery technology is no longer a pure industrial technology, it is related to the development of the information industry and new energy industry, and it has become an indispensable important energy source for modern and future military equipment.

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