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Hybrid Marine Battery 24V 180Ah

Custom 24V 260ah E boat battery Features Widely used for many applications ,such as scooters ,AGV ,marine etc. Multifunctional BMS with full protection No memory effect, low self-discharge rate; Environment-friendly; Super long cycle life up to 1000 time of 100%DOD Prolonged warranty of 18months.

Product Details
Basic specification of 24V 180Ah   Battery pack
Nominal Capacity @ 0.2C 180Ah Cycle life(1 C/1C   , 100% DOD) 2000 -4000Cycles
Nominal Voltage 25.2V Cell Configuration 7S
Discharge Cut-off  Voltage 21V Total Cell Quantity 7S52P
Charge Cut-off  Voltage 29.2V Dimensions(MM) (custom
Recommend Charge Current 50A(0.2C) Weight(Approx,including case) CUSTOM
Recommend Continuous Discharge Current 80A Charge Temperature Range 0℃~ 45℃
Max continuous Discharge current 200A Discharge Temperature Range -20℃~ 60℃
Peak Discharge (Max. 10 sec.Duration) 300A Charge method CC/CV


Widely used for many applications ,such as scooters ,AGV ,marine etc.
Multifunctional BMS with full protection
No memory effect, low self-discharge rate; Environment-friendly;
Super long cycle life up to 1000 time of 100%DOD
Prolonged warranty of 3-10 years.
Very strong configuration,any moving,vibration,falling down battery will not be any problem.

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