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24V 260AH Electric Boat Battery

Custom 24V 260ah E boat battery Features Widely used for many applications, such as scooters, AGV, marine etc. Multifunctional BMS with full protection No memory effect, low self-discharge rate; Environment-friendly; Super long cycle life up to 1000 time of 100%DOD Prolonged warranty of 18months

Product Details

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Basic specification of 24V 80Ah   Battery pack
Nominal Capacity @ 0.2C 270Ah Cycle life(1 C/1C   , 100% DOD) 2000 -4000Cycles
Nominal Voltage 24V Cell Configuration 8S
Discharge Cut-off  Voltage 20V Total Cell Quantity 128Pcs
Charge Cut-off  Voltage 29.2V Dimensions(MM) (custom
Recommend Charge Current 50A(0.2C) Weight(Approx,including case) CUSTOM
Recommend Continuous Discharge Current 80A Charge Temperature Range 0℃~ 45℃
Max continuous Discharge current 100A Discharge Temperature Range -20℃~ 60℃
Peak Discharge (Max. 10 sec.Duration) 200A Charge method CC/CV


Widely used for many applications ,such as scooters ,AGV ,marine etc.
Multifunctional BMS with full protection
No memory effect, low self-discharge rate; Environment-friendly;
Super long cycle life up to 1000 time of 100%DOD
Prolonged warranty of 3-10 years.
Very strong configuration,any moving,vibration,falling down battery will not be any problem

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1. Is there any stock?
Usually not. Lithium batteries are customized products. Different customer requirements are different. Even the voltage and capacity are the same, and other parameters may be different. Once the order is confirmed, we can quickly complete the sample.

2. What parameters do I need to provide for customizing lithium batteries?
Need to provide the product’s operating voltage range, operating current, peak current, battery size, battery capacity, charging current, etc.

3. What is the lead time for bulk orders?
Usually 10-15 days, depending on the actual situation.

4. What certification can you provide for the battery?
Since the battery is a customized product, the certificate is not universal and needs to be applied for separately; you can list the required certification, and we have a dedicated colleague to assist you in applying for it together.

5. Do you provide battery chargers?
Yes, we have lithium battery chargers. If you still need a charger, please consult our customer service.

6. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We are a manufacturer and sincerely welcome you to visit our factory!

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