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BA-5590 U Battery

Technical Datasheet BA-5590/U Battery □ Our BA-5590/U military battery meets the Military Standards MIL-PRF-49471/3A. □ This is high performance non-rechargeable Lithium Sulfur Dioxide battery □ Durable high impact plastic housing and connector enclosure □ High reliability due to all welded…

Product Details

Technical Datasheet
1.Our BA-5590/U military battery meets the Military Standards MIL-PRF-49471/3A.
2.This is high performance non-rechargeable

Lithium Sulfur Dioxide battery
1.Durable high impact plastic housing and connector enclosure
2.High reliability due to all welded

ba 5590 u battery 2

1.Unit contains safety vented cells and safety devices (fuse, TCO, diode)
2.Gold plated contacts.
3.100% final testing
4.Replacement for: BB-390A/U, BB-2590/U, BB-590/U, BB-490/U,BA-5390/U, and variants.

Due to the rapid development of lithium battery technology, there are more and more applications. Our customized field mobile power supply for customers has “high energy, high density, high cycle life, wide use environment temperature”, which can be light and convenient in the environment of -40 to 65 degrees. Dustproof and waterproof. It can work normally in harsh environments around the clock. It is widely used in military communications, measurement and control, field operations and other fields.

1. Mobile field power supply design requirements
According to customer requirements and specifications, design a low-temperature battery pack that is matched with special testing equipment, and cooperate with safety protection circuits such as temperature protection to achieve a battery solution that supports batteries and equipment that operate in low-temperature harsh environments. Built-in charger, charging with 220V interface, convenient to get electricity. With a display screen, the battery data can be read intuitively, and a communication interface is reserved to facilitate communication between the host and the battery. Built-in DC-DC module, regulated 12V1A output. The size is exquisite, convenient to carry, and light in weight.

2. The specific parameter requirements are as follows:
1) Battery core design requirements: 18650 low temperature resistant lithium battery with independent intellectual property rights, 4 strings and 4 parallel combinations.
2) Structural design requirements: the requirements are less than 200x150x100mm. The appearance is exquisite, the whole is dustproof, waterproof and shockproof. It adopts cold-rolled plate powder spraying shell and aviation connector. Portable and lightweight.
3) Circuit design requirements: Operating temperature: -50~+70°C, regulated 12V1A output, AC220V input, 9 hours of use per charge, with display screen, display power and other information.

3. mobile field power supply design scheme
1) Sheet metal powder spraying shell and plastic battery holder: According to customer requirements, the design size meets the requirements of sheet metal shell, and the surface is sprayed with powder to make the military green effect to meet the exquisite design requirements. Meet the requirements of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. The use of one-piece nickel tape spot welding, with a plastic bracket to connect the battery core, and the use of copper bus jumpers, which well ensure the impedance and reliability of the overall battery pack.
2) Overcurrent protection chip (PTC): Mainly designed for secondary protection function. The PTC recoverable fuse has the dual function of overcurrent protection and automatic recovery. The PTC in battery products can prevent the occurrence of battery high temperature discharge and unsafe high current.
3) Dedicated vacuum waterproof aviation plug: the battery is externally connected with vacuum and waterproof to meet customers’ waterproof requirements
4) LA18650-4S4P/8Ah/14.8V lithium cell battery pack (low temperature cell)
5) Battery arrangement scheme

The overall size of the customer:
200x150x100mm (maximum size)
Battery pack: 4S3P
Arrangement of modules:

factory strength 1

factory strength 2

factory strength 3

factory strength 4

factory strength 5