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AGV Battery 24V 200Ah Forklift Battery Charger

AGV battery low speed vehicle 24V 200Ah

Product Details

Battery Name: 24V 200AH, 55AH, 65AH lithium Ion battery
Battery Type: LKG-18650-25P7S
Nominal voltage (V): 24V
Nominal capacity (Ah): 50AH, 55AH, 65AH
Operating voltage range: 29.4V-21.0V
Over charge protection cut-off voltage (V): 29.4V
Over-discharge protection cut-off voltage (V): 21.0V
Maximum charge current: ≤20A
Continuous discharge current: ≤40A
Pulse discharge current: ≤120A
With load capacity: ≤ 960W
Service life: ≥ 500 times
Charging temperature (°C): 0~45°C
Discharge temperature (°C): -20~60 °C
Storage temperature (°C): -20 to 35 °C
Battery temperature protection (°C): 70°C±5°C
Size (mm): 80(T) x235(W) x 360(H)
Internal resistance of battery (mΩ): ≤ 100 mΩ
Battery weight (kg): about 9.0kg

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This is a high-capacity intelligent lithium iron phosphate battery pack, supporting RS485 communication protocol, 3-level hardware overcharge protection, real-time monitoring of the balance status of each battery cell when the battery is working, and it will be prohibited when an abnormal imbalance occurs Charge.

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