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24V 200Ah Electic Forklift Stacker Battery

Nominal capacity (0.2C5A): 200AH
Continuous working current: 200A
Peak discharge current: ≤100A
Recommended charging current (A): ≤ 30A
Maximum charging current (A): ≤50A
Battery operating voltage range: 29.2V-22.4V
Charging protection cut-off voltage: 29.2V
Discharge protection cut-off voltage: 22.4V
Maximum load power (kw) 2.4kw

Product Details

Charge and discharge port: Charge and discharge with the same port, discharge end: line 16mm2, red and black belt 175A Anderson plug, with output end line length 80cm. Charging end: line 10mm2, red and black belt 120A Anderson plug, with output end line length 80cm.
Communication function: CAN communication / RS485 communication, providing communication protocol
Battery size (mm): H570mm*W135mm*L655mm
Battery weight (kg): approx 56kg (including housing)
Charging temperature (°C): 0°C~45°C
Discharge temperature (°C): -20°C~60°C
Storage temperature (°C): -20°C~45°C
Battery life: 3000 cycles or more
Battery warranty: 12 months
Shell material: 1.2mm sheet metal spray paint / black

24v 200ah electic forklift stacker battery 3

Features: long cycle life, light battery weight, high safety performance, green and environmental protection
1. Stable communication protocol scheme. Including RS485, RS232, CAN, TTL232, etc.;
2. Relevant power supply solutions can be customized.
Such as with pre-charge function, battery data LCD display, small power switch button with controllable output, communication between charger and lithium battery, shielding measures for strong signal interference of load, lithium battery charging status alarm and fault alarm, etc.;
3. The quality is more stable. Adopt mature BMS management system and mature assembly technology;
4. The product is safer and has a longer cycle life. It uses lithium iron phosphate batteries;
5. Lighter weight. It uses soft-pack batteries instead of commonly used aluminum-shell batteries;
6. Customization of high-quality sheet metal shell.

24v 200ah electic forklift stacker battery 4

Widely used in: AGV/RGV/MGV automatic trucks, robots, low-speed electric vehicles, old scooters, four-wheel electric vehicles, communication equipment, medical equipment, solar street lights, household energy storage, energy storage power stations, etc.;

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