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48V 135Ah E Boat Battery

Supports CAN BUS 2.0 RS485 RS232 Communications,IP67 standard.Stainless Shell for Ocean and other salty.

Product Details


Wholesale Price Li ion Battery 48V 135Ah Lithium ion Battery with Deep Cycle Life
Item Specification Note
Nominal Voltage 58.8V Any voltage can be customized
Nominal Capacity 135Ah Any capacity can be customized
Discharge Cut-Off 40V
Charge Cut-Off 58.8V
Charge Current 100A Free customization service
Cont. Discharge 175A Free customization service
Peak Discharge  250A Free customization service
Impedance ≤200mΩ
Charge Temperature 0℃ – 45℃
Discharge Temperature -20℃ – 60℃
Charge Method CC/CV
Life Cycle  2000+ 80% DOD, Max. 95% DOD
Dimension Any dimension can be customized
Weight 49KG

1.1 Battery pack system structure

Our lithium batteries are about one-third the weight of the lead-acid batteries. Which save weight for the boat and let it faster,as tested on E boats. In addition, a significant amount of space is also saved, allowing for more storage room.
Our lithium batteries are maintenance free with a long cycle life. Replacement batteries will not be necessary for another five or ten years. Our battery system can be connected to solar panels, providing extra power.

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How to charger the battery:

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Battery cells:

All from ATL BYD Panasonics,SAMSUNG,LG,SONY grade A standard.



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