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24V 80Ah AGV Battery Pack

AGV Battery with monitoring system/Display

Product Details
24V 60Ah Battery Pack Rechargeable Replacement Lithium Battery for AGV / Robot / Forklift
Item Specification
Battery type 8S/24V/78Ah
Model no. 8S78AH
Chemistry LiFePO4
Nominal Voltage 25.6V
Nominal Capacity 78Ah
Charge Voltage 29.2V
Charge Current ≤60A
Discharge Current ≤90A
Instantaneous Discharge Current 120A
Discharge Cut-off Current 21.6V
Internal Resistance ≤100mΩ
Life Cycle >2000
Temperature Protection 55℃
BMS Include BMS
BMS Protection Short-circuit protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, temperature protection and
keep the battery power balance.
Communication RS485&RS232
Case Metal
Dimension TBD
Weight 22Kg±1Kg
Warranty 12 months

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2. Temperature performance
Discharge temperature range: -30℃—+60℃
Charging temperature: -30℃—+40℃
Note: At low temperature -30℃ and high temperature +60℃, the discharge capacity is not less than 70% of the standard capacity

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3. Vibration requirements
Frequency: 10-50-10HZ
Amplitude: 1.5mm
Time: 45min (without load)

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4. Drop test
Height: 1.0m
Floor: wooden floor

5. Features
With weak current switch;
The battery comes with temperature protection;
Battery comes with power detection port;
485 communication management: SOC management, fault warning;
The battery pack is safe and has a long cycle life;
Quick charge 0.5C charging;
The battery pack has a high cycle life, which is in line with the values of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection.

factory strength 1

factory strength 2

factory strength 3

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