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12V 30Ah Solar Street Battery

Solar street Battery 12V 30Ah 3S15P,can support Solar Charger

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 Items  Standards  Remarks
1. Capacity   Typical 30.5Ah CC/CV, 0.2C5mA Discharge
Typical Capacity 30.0Ah CC/CV, 0.2C5mA Discharge
 Minimum 30.0Ah CC/CV, 0.2C5mA Discharge
2.   Nominal Voltage 12V
3.   Internal Resistance ≤200mΩ  AC, 1 kHz, Full Charged
4.  Battery Weight ≦2.40Kg
5. Battery Charge  

Standard Charge


5.5hrs(CC/CV, Refer to 54.6)

Quick Charge 0.5C 2.5hrs(CC/CV, Refer to 4.3)
6.CC Charge Cut-off Voltage 12.6±0.05V /
7.Discharge Standard Discharge 8A, 12V CC [email protected]
 Maximum Discharge  

30Ah, 12V

8. Pulse Discharging 8 seconds 3C 15A@25℃
9. Typical Charge Characteristics 10.Discharge Characteristics at Different Current
11.Cycle Life >300times  Refer to 5.6 12.  Discharging Curve at Different Temperature



Charging Temperature 0℃~45℃ Environment temperature(battery surface temperature must be less than 65℃)
Discharging Temperature -20℃~60℃ Environment temperature(battery surface temperature not to exceed 80℃)
Storage Temperature -10℃~60℃ recommended long-term storage

temperature is 0~35℃

14.Storage Life One year Nomal shippment
15.Appearance No deformations, stains, corrosion or electrolyte leakages
16.PTC  Internal Resistance 12~17mΩ@25℃
 Max Time to Trip  8A(About 20 s)

Input port requirements: input and output at the same end, one square 2P engineering line (output port can be customized as required).
Packaging process: barley paper / epoxy board + PVC (can be added).

This product is widely used in: solar street lights, integrated solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar corn lights, solar insect killing lights and other fields!

The company’s battery has the following characteristics:
1. Long cycle life, light battery weight, stable voltage, no memory effect, high safety performance, green environmental protection, etc.
2. The battery has a built-in BMS system with multiple protection functions. The protection system (PCM/BMS) uses Japanese and American chips.
3. The core material is LiMn2O4 (lithium manganate), Li-Ni-Co-Mn-O (ternary material), LiFePO4 (iron lithium) is available.
4. Optional imported batteries and domestic famous brand batteries as a combination unit to ensure the consistency, stability and safety of the battery pack.
5. Multiple and multi-string combination and battery modular design: voltage 3.7V-220V, capacity 1AH-500!

12v 30ah solar street battery 3

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